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Service Info Requirements Additional Info
Service Info Requirements Additional Info
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  • Full Gear by End game Dungeons
  • All Slots filled by Rare Gear from 53-60 lvl Dungeons
  • Collecting some Gold and other Loot by your character
  • Approximate ETA is 3-6 days
  • 60 Lvl Character. Have to finish Leveling first? Check our Powerleveling Services!
  • Login and password of your account. No need of secret question answer.
  • Active WoW subscription.
  • Account will be occupied during the boost.


Full Gear


We will farm Rare Gear for you by 53-60 Dungeons: Scholomance, Stratholme, Temple of Atal’Hakkar, Blackrock Depths (BRD), Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS), Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS), Dire Maul. All items will be suitable for your class and specialization. Moreover we can guarantee that at least 60% of all that Gear will be your Pre-Bis! If you’d like to require any special Gear – please, contact our support to check more details.




  • All the above mentioned time-frames start only after succesful log into Your account by our booster for the first time.
  • ETA could be postponed in case of game servers are shut down for a noticeable period of time.
  • This service can be done only by Piloted option. By having no issues before and even with VPN security and all our safety precautions we still can’t consider it 100% safe. Please, keep in mind the possibility of getting your account suspended for sharing it with other people.