Freehold Leveling

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    • 1.999 $


Service Info Requirements Additional Info
Service Info Requirements Additional Info
  • Service Info
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  • Freehold Powerleveling Boost Run
  • Selfplay Option Available
  • 110-120 Powerleveling in 3,5 hours or less
  • 110 Lvl Character. Have to finish Leveling first? Check our Powerleveling Services!
  • Having a full set of Heirlooms is not required, but strongly recommended. You can increase speed of leveling and finish in 2 hours instead of doing that without looms for 3,5 hours.
  • In case of adding Extra options we will need Login and Password of your Account.

Freehold Boosting Method


Leveling process in BfA was renewed, so each zone is scalling up to your current lvl. However it becomes boring when you do it 3rd time or even 6th time? Not the best way to spend days of your free time by clearing and questing zones which you did several times before. That is why you’re here! Freehold Boosting method can level you up to 120 Lvl in few hours. Our Geared Booster will clear Freehold Dungeon for you numerous times. All what you need – just run behind and get tons of experience. That’s the second advantage – no need to share your account at all. Purchase Freehold Powerleveling Boost, get your 120 Lvl as soon as possible with 100% safety and enjoy new World of Warcraft content by your new toon right away!