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Service Info Requirements FAQ About
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  • Sire Denathrius – Last Boss in the new Raid Castle Nathria – slained in Heroic Mode
  • Chance to get 220+ iLvl Epic Gear via Personal Loot
  • Feat of Strength Ahead of the Curve
  • Other Loot collected by Your Character
  • 60 Lvl Character. Have to finish Leveling first? Check our Powerleveling Services!
  • No Gear Requirements
  • Account Login and Password in case of Piloted Option.

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When do you start?


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Sire Denathrius


Sire Denathrius is the creator and leader of the realm of Revendreth and its inhabitants, the venthyr people, which he rules from Castle Nathria. Calculating and methodical, Denathrius is ancient beyond measure and one of the most powerful beings in all the Shadowlands. He created the venthyr in his likeness, forging them from the souls of the redeemed. The first venthyr were born directly from Denathrius’ will, such as Prince Renathal who considers him his father.


For countless ages, Sire Denathrius stood among the Eternal Ones who rule the realms of Death. But in the Shadowlands’ darkest hour, he has betrayed his sacred duty. With his bloodthirsty living blade Remornia at his side and defended by his most sychophantic loyalists, Denathrius will cut a swath through any who stand against him and cast their remains into the inescapable terror of the Maw.


Rumors suggest Denathrius may no longer be fit for the role of master of Revendreth. Crowning a new Sire could return the plane to its former glory, or leave it mired in the same decadence and sin it is charged with cleansing. Denathrius beseeches Azeroth’s champions to help him quell a rebellion led by Prince Renathal that threatens to destroy the venthyr’s way of life, but not all is as Denathrius claims


There is a connection between Denathrius and the nathrezim acknowledged by Blizzard, and evidenced by the book Enemy Infiltration – Preface whose author is implied to be a nathrezim and which hints that nathrezim may have originally been at the service of Denathrius. They also share a similar vampire theme, as well as names: “Nathria” and “Denathrius” sound similar to “nathrezim” or “Nathreza”, and the book is found in the Tower of the Unseen Guests, with “unseen guests” being another name for nathrezim.