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Service Info Requirements FAQ About
Service Info Requirements FAQ About
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  • Castle Nathria Normal Raid Run
  • All 10 Bosses of the new raid Castle Nathria Defeated
  • Full Run in the First Week of release date
  • Up to 207+ iLvl Epic Gear via Personal Loot (207 iLvl from the Last Two Bosses)
  • Achievements Castle Nathria and Others
  • Other Loot collected by Your Character
  • 60 Lvl Character. Have to finish Leveling first? Check our Powerleveling Services!
  • No Gear Requirements
  • Account Login and Password in case of Piloted Option.

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Castle Nathria


Your first raid encounter experience in Shadowlands, Castle Nathria is a castle located in central Revendreth and is a home of the venthyr master Sire Denathrius. The story of Castle Nathria revolves around Revendreth and its inhabitants and like most of Revendreth, has a gothic inspiration to it, heavily inspired by Dracula’s Castle. You learn from The Accuser that Sire Denathrius is responsible for the Anima drought that plagues the zone, feeding souls directly to the Maw.


This gothic-style castle towering strong above the rest of Revendreth. The castle entrance is located in the center area of Revendreth, with the closest flight path currently available being the one by Menagerie of the Master. It will drop a lot of various item of course, including armor, of course! 

Supposed item levels:


  • LFR item level is  187 ilvl (194 from the last 2 bosses) 
  • 200 ilvl in normal Castle Nathria (207 from the last 2 bosses) 
  • 213 ilvl from heroic Castle Nathria (220 from the last 2 bosses) 
  • 226 ilvl from the last, mythic Castle Nathria (233 from the last 2 bosses)

Castle Nathria has 10 boss encounters in a 3-wing raid instance. Most of the bosses in Castle Nathria have very little information about them besides their names.


List of bosses


  • Shriekwing – Tasked with guarding Castle Nathria’s entry hall, the blind monster Shriekwing locates her victims with horrifying cries that reverberate off the chamber’s walls. The last sound heard by trespassers in the Grand Walk is the monster’s cry as she descends upon her prey.
  • Huntsman Altimor – Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis have been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman’s wrath to any in his domain.
  • Sun King’s Salvation – In the sinister confines of Castle Nathria, souls are being tortured not to redeem their sins, but to amplify them. The prideful Prince Kael’thas has been burdened with the sins of others, and his pain and hatred are channeled to make him a powerful weapon. This has imperiled his soul like no other, and it must be saved–if only to keep it from being unleashed upon the Shadowlands.
  • Artificer Xy’mox – Not everyone in Castle Nathria is loyal to Sire Denathrius. Some simply saw an opportunity and exploited it to their own ends. Artificer Xy’mox has worked with Denathrius but is mostly concerned with getting the better end of the deal, which may require the end of Nathria’s invaders.
  • Hungering Destroyer – The devourers consume anima wherever they can find it. With drought afflicting the Shadowlands, it is no surprise that the hungriest and most dangerous of the devourers is drawn to the abundant store of anima here in the depths of Castle Nathria.
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein – Anima fuels the Shadowlands, and Lady Inerva Darkvein seeks to unlock its mysteries. Under Denathrius’s tutelage, she has learned insidious secrets to turn against his enemies. She will strip anima from Nathria’s invaders and use it to shape a dark new future.
  • The Council of Blood – The Council of Blood presides over courtly functions in Revendreth. Castellan Niklaus is a strict military commander with an indomitable will and impenetrable armor. Lord Stavros, a foppish dandy, leads the court in dance but is also deadly with his blades. Baroness Frieda wields powerful anima magics and commands the dredger wait staff–along with the respect of the entire court.
  • Sludgefist – Sludgefist was born in the muddy foundation beneath Castle Nathria and now wanders the halls as he awaits orders from Sire Denathrius. His massive footsteps reverberate throughout the castle, announcing his arrival from several rooms away.
  • Stone Legion Generals – The ancient stoneborn generals, Kaal and Grashaal, have hounded the Prince Renathal’s rebellion at every turn. Once they were General Draven’s apprentice and mentor; now their strength, strategy, and soldiers have been unleashed against him and any who would defy the Sire’s will.
  • Sire Denathrius — For countless ages, Sire Denathrius stood among the Eternal Ones who rule the realms of Death. But in the Shadowlands’ darkest hour, he has betrayed his sacred duty. With his bloodthirsty living blade Remornia at his side and defended by his most sychophantic loyalists, Denathrius will cut a swath through any who stand against him and cast their remains into the inescapable terror of the Maw.

Killing bosses in Castle Nathria on any level will count towards your Great Vault Raid Weekly Objectives and will add the possibility of a Castle Nathria loot option to your choices when you open your Great Vault to select your one piece of loot for your weekly bonus. In order to receive bonus Raid loot in your Great Vault, you have to kill at least 3 bosses. Killing 7 and then 10 Raid bosses will increase your choices to up to three pieces of Raid loot. Killing higher difficulty Raid bosses will net you higher item level loot choices.