TBC Leveling 1-60

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Service Info Requirements
Service Info Requirements
  • Service Info
  • Requirements
  • WoW Classic Powerleveling 1-60
  • May choose New Classes and Races: Blood Elves Paladins and Draenei Shamans
  • We will boost your character by questing and running dungeons
  • Approximate ETA is 10-14 days. Will be done before TBC Release!
  • One Gathering Profession on your Choice included
  • First Aid Profession included
  • Mount with 60% Riding Skill included
  • Some Gold and Gear farmed during the leveling
  • Extra Professions leveled up to 300 (if chosen)
  • 100% Riding Skill and Mount obtained (if chosen)
  • Login and password of your account. No need of secret question answer.
  • Active WoW subscription.
  • Account will be occupied during the leveling boost.