Service Info Requirements Arena Rewards
Service Info Requirements Arena Rewards
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  • Arena Rewards
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  • Chosen Arena Rating Boost. Check out Additional Info for Rating Rewards table
  • Arena Points depends on Chosen Rating to buy Epic PvP Arena Gear
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Why you should get TBC Classic PvP Boost? For the awesome rewards of course! Here’s some examples of what you can get in The Burning Crusade Arena Season One:


In Season 1 all players can earn the Gladiator Set for their class and several weapons and relics. All gear will have 123 item level.

Gladiator’s War StaffGladiator’s Slicer
Gladiator’s Heavy CrossbowGladiator’s Greatsword
Gladiator’s Plate ChestpieceGladiator’s Dragonhide Helm
Gladiator’s Silk AmiceGladiator’s Lamellar Helm
Gladiator’s Mooncloth MantleGladiator’s Chain Helm


In addition to that the top 0.1% of Arena teams in each region will receive a themed Nether Drake at the conclusion of the Arena season and a permanent Gladiator title based on each season. In The Burning Crusade Arena Season 1 Gladiators will receive Swift Nether Drake.


Besides mounts, at the conclusion of each season, members of highly-ranked teams receive special titles to honor their achievements:


  • Season Gladiator (Top 0.1%)
  • Gladiator (Top 0.5%)
  • Duelist (Top 0.5% – 3%)
  • Rival (Top 3% – 10%)
  • Challenger (Top 10 – 35%)

These titles last until the end of the following season when they are removed. And only reaching Gladiator rank awards players with a permanent title, depending on the Season. Season 1 awards players with the Infernal Gladiator title. Pretty neat reward to buy the Burning Crusade Arena boost, right?