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Service Info Requirements Leveling in The Burning Crusade
Service Info Requirements Leveling in The Burning Crusade
  • Service Info
  • Requirements
  • Leveling in The Burning Crusade
  • WoW Burning Crusade Powerleveling 58-70 and 60-70 Preorders Available
  • We will Level Up Your Character by Questing and Running Dungeons
  • Some Gold and Gear farmed during the Leveling
  • Some Reputation with TBC Factions Received
  • Hands only by Professional Players
  • Login and password of your account. No need of secret question answer.
  • Character lvl 58 or 60
  • Active WoW subscription.
  • Account will be occupied during the Leveling boost.

The Doom Lord Kazzak reopened the Dark Portal to Outland, flooding Azeroth with the ravenous demons of the Burning Legion. Expeditions from the Horde and Alliance, reinforced by their new blood elf and draenei allies, passed through the gateway to stop the invasion at its source. On Outland’s desiccated Hellfire Peninsula, the Alliance discovered several of their heroes who had crossed through the portal many years before, while the Horde made contact with the Mag’har orcs who had not participated in their race’s original invasion of Azeroth.


The expedition into Outland dragged Horde and Alliance armies further into conflict with the agents of the Legion and the lieutenants of Illidan Stormrage, who had claimed the shattered realm for his own. To be among the first to challenge the re-opened world of Outland you can buy our TBC classic level boost.


In the original TBC, two new races was not available for play until the launch of TBC. In Classic TBC, there will be a pre-patch event in normal Classic that will precede the opening of the Dark Portal, and both Draenei and Blood Elves, with their new leveling zones, will also launch.


Also, Blizzard has announced that you will be able to use1-58 leveling tokens only once per account and it won’t work for the new races, so you might like to get our TBC Prepatch Leveling 1-60 first. But if you want to stick with your previous char or use a token for an old race character, you can buy 58-70 Powerleveling service.


If you were here on the Classic release, you probably remember all the chaos and the queues to quest mobs. Keep in mind that back then, everyone started in 6 different zones. Now all the players will start in the same territory, so you can imagine what will happen. Perhaps you should find a group in advance and go to the dungeons, go to Zangarmarsh as soon as possible, where it will be more difficult, but quieter, go just let us help you and preorder Burning Crusade 60-70 leveling to do all the job for you instead.