Trade Goods Delivery

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Service Info Requirements FAQ
Service Info Requirements FAQ
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  • Trade Goods Delivery to your character
  • Get all what you need in WoW Classic
  • ETA depends on amount and server
  • Feel free to Contact Us if you have a special request
  • Your character’s nickname and required server

How long will it take?


Usually it takes a couple of hours from ordering to delivery on your character. ETA depends on required amount and Your server. Small amount on some servers can be delivered instantly, however some rare servers and huge amount of goods delivery could take more than couple of hours.
Feel free to Contact Us to check Your ETA!


May I order something special?


Yes, for sure! If you didn’t find what you need in our listing – feel free to Contact Us! Our team will analyze and check how long will it take to fulfill your order.


Is it safe?


Absolutely. Trade Goods Delivery is not restricted by any game rules.