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The current Agreement regulates the relations between a Customer and the Contractor regarding the in-game services provided by the Contractor.


1.1.  The Contractor — online store, which provides The Services according to the Agreement,
1.2.  The Customer — an individual interested in purchasing of The Service,
1.3   The parties — The Contractor and The Customer collectively
1.4.  The Game — an interactive online videogame,
1.5.  The Contractor’s site — Contractor’s website, hosted on a domain
1.6.  The Service — educational process between the Contractor and the Customer in The Game in order to improve the Customer’s skills, confidence and experience. A full list of services and their detailed descriptions are available in the Contractor’s website.

​By placing an order accordingly to this Agreement, the Customer confirms his approval and acceptance of the Terms of Agreement.


2.1 The subject of the contract are services that are provided by the Administration of the website, a full list of services is available on the above mentioned website.
2.2 Before signing the Contract, the Customer agrees to read the full list of services and take action to obtain services and payment under this contract.
2.3 The Customer is aware that without accepting and agreeing to the contract, it would be impossible to provide the desired service.


​3.1 The Contractor undertakes:
3.1.1 To ensure continuity and quality of service delivery according to customer’s specified parameters.
3.1.2 To provide full services to the Customer in accordance with the specified information on the website.
3.1.3 Do not change the pricing policy during the execution of the order.
3.1.4 To maintain confidentiality of the Customer and his in-game character.
3.1.5 To ensure the order and amount of refunds in accordance with this contract.

3.2. Contractor shall be entitled to:
3.2.1 Has the right to petition the courts to protect his rights under the legislation of сountry of residence.
3.2.2 Has the right to use the receiving data in the processing of orders, including IP address and the proposed address of the Customer in case of an unauthorized, unilateral breach of contract by the Customer and in case of the refusal by the Customer of a peaceful settlement to the conflict to protect his rights in the court.

3.3 The Customer undertakes:
3.3.1 To ensure the payment in full for services rendered to him according to the tariff.
3.3.2 Do not create situations hamper the execution of the order in full.
3.3.3 To solve disputes in accordance with this contract.
3.3.4 Give to Administration (operators) of the site all requested information – the customer’s full name, the full name of the owner of the credit card which was used for the payment, the name of the ingame character, the server, the state of ingame character up to the order (e.g. current rating of the battlefield or the arena rating, depending on the type of ordered service), the name of desired order, a copy of payment transaction for the service.
3.3.5 The Customer understands and agrees with the fact that there is a small chance to get in game account suspended due to reports of third parties or other reasons that are uncontrolled by Contractor.
3.3.6 The Customer agree that all screenshots which were made during performance of the service may be used as an evidence in case disputes occur in future.


​4.1. The Customer is obliged to carefully examine the Agreement and other rules and instructions, concerning The Service provided by the Contractor (they are published in The Contractor’s site).
4.2. To place an order the Customer chooses the required service using a special webform in the Contractor’s site and fills all fields that are specified as necessary. These fields include the vital information needed to proceed the service by Contractor. The Contractor may change the specified terms only if that does not prejudice any of the Customer’s interests and does not bring any extra expenses to him. Considering the terms that were not discussed with the Customer, the Contractor may act upon his own discretion.
4.3. By sending the filled form to the Contractor, the Customer gives unconditional agreement on total compliance of the Agreement and other conditions of the deal, which were chosen by the Customer in the web-form (nature and size of the services etc.).
4.4. After sending the webform, the Customer makes payment through PayPal. All the payments are done for ingame services, not for any virtual goods or items.
4.5. All the payments and refunds are made through the PayPal.
4.6. The Contractor is obliged to complete the necessary actions to fulfill the Agreement in reasonable terms. Usually the Contractor specifies default completion time for specific order on Contractor’s site.
4.7. In order to provide a service a small sum of in-game currency (below 10.000 gold) might be required from the Customer (for character’s gear repairs and necessary consumables).


​5.1. In case of a violation by one of the parties of the contract, the party shall be fully liable in accordance with international law and legislation of country of residence.
5.2 In case of violation of the contract by the Contractor, the Customer shall be entitled to receive a full refund, according to the procedure specified in Section 6 of this Contract or to extend the lines of the order in exchange for a bonus offer from the Contractor. (Unforeseen circumstances not taken into account when calculating order performance periods)
5.3. In case of a breach of the Contract by the Customer, the money is not refundable.
5.4 In case of ignoring by the Customer the conditions and procedures for dispute resolution in accordance with section 6 of this Contract, the Contractor in the law does not perform the requirements and use the data provided by the Customer to confirm the authenticity of the person who paid for the service, and drafting a response claim in the payment system where payment was made.
5.5 In case of a unilateral attempt to return the funds, these actions will be treated as fraud and the Contractor has the right to provide IP and other personal information about the Customer to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for further investigation.


​6.1.   If the Contractor did not manage to complete the order placed by the Customer in the specified time terms, the Customer may demand a refund, or the Contractor may refund the money in his own discretion.
6.2.  The Customer has the right to cancel his order and ask the Contractor for a full refund any time before the start of the service.
6.3.  The Customer may cancel his order and refuse to continue to receive the services. The amount of the refund will be calculated by formula: the volume of service that had to be done minus the volume of service that had been done at the moment of opening of a dispute or a refusal by the Customer to continue to receive services.
6.4 In case of order was not done by Contractor’s fault, the Customer has right to get a full compensation and no matter how much of the service was done.
6.5 If the Service is fully completed any kind of compensation is impossible.
6.6 Upon ordering a service The Customer agrees that period for return and/or exchange of purchased services is 21 days starting from the date of payment.
6.7 By placing an order accordingly to this Agreement, the Customer confirms that he was warned about the risks of any action against The Customers’ account by the copyright holders of the Game and understands that the purchase of the Service is restricted by rules of the Game and may end up blocking The Customers’ account.
6.8 If the Customer used the Services in the Game of other companies in a period of 21 days before and/or after The Contractor is not responsible for any action against The Customers’ account by the copyright holders of the Game and any kind of compensation is not possible.


7.1.  The messages, sent from the e-mails of both parties appear as documents, written in a simple form and signed by specific party, and they are an analogue of the valid signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will be valid without any additional confirmations or registrations (and not requiring autographic signing), only if the other is not directly specified on the Contractor’s site.
7.2.  The Customer agree that all screenshots which were made during the service may be used as an evidence in case disputes occur in future.
7.4   The Customer is responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of The Customers’ items resulting from charges imposed by The Customers’ relationship with payment services providers or the duties and taxes imposed by The Customers’ local customs officials or other regulatory body.
7.5   For customer service inquiries or disputes, The Customer may contact the Contractor by email at


The Contractor reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions by posting the updated terms on the website.