Service Info Requirements Loot Info FAQ
Service Info Requirements Loot Info FAQ
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  • Loot Info
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  • Mythic+15 Run with a VIP Group
  • Chance to get 120+ Gear at the dungeon chest
  • Guaranteed 130+ Gear at the weekly chest
  • 2150 Titan Residuum at the weekly chest
  • Loot Share Option
  • Groups available 24/7
  • 50 Lvl Character. Have to finish Leveling first? Check our Powerleveling Services!
  • Account Login and Password in case of Piloted Option.


Loot Share Option


You can add additional Same Armor Traders to increase Your chances to get more loot from the dungeon chest. We arrange Geared 125+ iLvl Toons who will fit Your character’s armor type and trade You the loot they get at the end of the run. In case of default option without any special additional traders we don’t guarantee that all the loot will be traded. 

When can you start?


ETA depends on special options you choose. For example, average M15 for weekly chest can be started in 20-30 minutes after purchase (or even right away). However setting up a special group with 3-4 same armor traders could take additional time. Please, understand, that ETA can be longer on Monday evenings/nights and Tuesday mornings right before the reset. You can always ask our support when Your group will be ready to start.


Can I choose a dungeon?


Sure, you can, we don’t take any additional fee for asking a special dungeon. We understand, that customers may need some special dungeons to get their Best in Slot Piece or to finish their Keystone Master Achievement. However it could prolong ETA of the start, especially if You’d like to add Same Armor traders. Our support will contact you after purchase to offer options to fulfill your order.


I have never done this before. Will it be a problem?


It will not be a problem for sure! If It’s your first time in M+15 or You think that Your Character is too undergeared – don’t worry, we cover that. Even with added Timer Guarantee Option! We will ask you to stay at the entrance, so all what you need is only wait and then come after finish to get Loot. Cheers!